A warm welcome to Antiquitäten Romberger


For more than 30 years we have developed commercial and personal relationships to many important merchants for Neapolitan cribs, crib figures and figures of the Italian Infant Jesus. Several times a year we travel to Naples and Rome and to the exhibition of antiques in Parma, to purchase lovely figures. In most cases the purchased figures are in an original condition but often it is necessary to restore them at home in a very skilled and professional way. Mrs. Marianne Romberger has collected an extraordinary fund of old cloths, laces, sequins, applications, ... for many years to let the figures and the figure of the Infant Jesus appear in their old glory . Her daughter Marion has specialized in the restauration of sculptures. She combined her training as a sculptor with courses in gold plating and painting. Because of this very specialiced training a very skilled restauration especially of the demanding plating work of the 18th century becomes possible. The newly created constructions of the crib itself which consist of wood and cork are made in her workshop to give the figures the adequate ambience. We share the passion for this fascinating art of the baroque Naples with a lot of customers and collectors. So we can combine passion with profession.
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