Antiquitäten Romberger


Our special subject is the fascinating world of art of the 18th century in Italy, with its Neapolitan cribs, crib-figures and various embodiments of the Infant Jesus. The "presepe napoletano" impresses by its absolutely natural, miniatur make-up of the crib-figures ("pastori") and also by the manifold accessories for cribs called "finimenti". Excellent artisans and modellers manufactured a plenty of embodiments of the Christmasstory and also created impressions of the real life in baroque Naples by modelling a big range of figures of various characters. The magic of the elaborate embodiments of the Infant Jesus (the so called "Bambino Gesu") is incomparable. Various prayer-rites influenced the embodiments of the Holy Child. There are for example small pieces of art for domestic adoration. They were also given to the nuns for consolation. Finally you find big sculptures for liturgical use. But not only the religious mystic which surrounds the Christ Child, but also the special aura and the artistic and historic value are incomparable. We share this passion with Mrs. Hiky Mayr-Hinterkirchner, owner of the most important collection of figures of the Italian Infant Jesus. The exhibition can be visited in the magnificent "Museo del divino infante" in Gardone(Italy)

We are proud of restoring some pieces of this collection.


Crips in perfect condition you can see in the bavarian national museum.